About Mick McKean of Mick McKean Photographic Images (MMPI)

Finding the beauty of light, shape, texture and form in humanity, nature and manmade objects.

Happily living in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Married since 1995 to wife, soul mate and best friend, Karen.

I'm currently an IT Professional by day, aspiring photographer outside working hours. I've worked as a technician of one type or another for 30 years now. The left side of my brain has been overexercised for too long, it's time to start using the right side. I suppose with an electronics and IT background I am well suited to the equipment and image editing side of the discipline, but I'm really enjoying the artistic side of photography in the digital era.

My favourite photographic subjects are in landscape, cityscape, architecture, nature and mechanical things. I intend to move into portraiture in the near future.

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Like most guys, I'm a big sports fan.

I'm an active road cyclist, having covered over 50,000Km since I started riding in 2008. I enjoy the challenge of racing, but can only dream of ever being a fraction as good as the pros that I love watching on the grand tours. If you are a cyclist too, you can follow me on Strava here. I race with the Data#3 Cycling Team, at Masters C grade level. I support the Australian Orica Greenedge pro team, and follow all other Aussie pro cyclists and of course, the legend Jens Voigt. On left is a pic of me racing in the 2013 Cunningham Classic 100Km road race.

I follow the Australian V8 Supercars motor racing series. I support the RedBull Australia 888 Racing team, particularly driver Craig Lowndes. I've been to the iconic Bathurst race a bunch of times, which is a great way to go camping with some friends and watch a fantastic motor race at the best racetrack on earth. On right is a pic of me relaxing at the campsite on top of the mountain.

My favourite football team is the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, who play in the Australian NRL competition. During summer I enjoy cricket season, following the Queensland Bulls and of course the Australian Cricket team.

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